Here Come the Mummies: Big Bang for the Buck in Small Venues

October 4, 2013



I admit it big time, I love these guys. I am going to the show in Kansas City, MO. at Knuckleheads. This is a less than $30 show. This is 4 1/2 star  entertainment on a workingman’s budget. I told them at work honor this time off request simply because I ain’t going to be here to work. The Mummies are like White Label Evan Williams. Easy going down but why am I so crazy after that. Easy answer. They pack a punch, baby. I was late getting to the Dubuque,. IA. show. I got turned around and missed half the show. I said maybe I will try again next year. I could not live with this at all.  When I found out they were coming to Kansas City on October 17th at Knuckleheads I thought let’s do this.

I saw the end of the show and I can say right now there is very little to not love here. These guys are stellar musicians and not to be taken lightly. One of the best shows I have ever seen across the board. I can tell they love what they are doing. I am proud to be a music lover that knows how good they really are.  The mainstream media that misses this is out to lunch. This is far more than a novelty act it is an extremely amazing performance that has to be seen to believed. A contemporary R&B group  based in Nashville, TN that dresses as Mummies in public. How silly is that?  Shameless Here Come the Mummies promotion from me big time and live with it.

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