Here Come the Mummies-Live at the Legendary Knuckleheads: A Review

October 20, 2013


IMG_0062IMG_0036IMG_0047     I love these guys. I love them even more after this show. Opening with a drum corp. and horn intro with lights is quite a treat.  Fan favorites such as “Attack of the Weiner Man”, “Rr Rr Rr”, “Bump”, “Booty”, “Pants”, “Tip Toe”, “V.I.P.”, “Carnal Carnival”, “Single Double Triple” “Wonders of the World and “Everlasting Party” is a very explanatory song that sums up their entire musical aura. Don’t forget “Fenk Shui” where they get the audience participating in dancing. Some people that were at this show are at Knucklehead’s on a regular basis.

Was I impressed all across the board? Oh yeah, big time. Freak! flags are not significant without knowing about the song “Freak Flag”. They sell purple Freak! flags. More songs they did were “Platinum”, “So Excited” and “Dirty Minds”. You can hear people say after several songs ‘I love these guys!’ Java is quite a hoot. How about a mummy in a gorilla suit playing the cowbell with his hip action to put it nicely. They are very energetic running around in unison quite well. The action is non-stop.

“Infinity”, “Chaparone”, “You Know the Drill”, “Everything But”, “Petting Zoo”, “Innuendo” and “Devil Better Run” are the songs they do from the latest ‘Cryptic’ release. “Devil Better Run” is the opener after the Drum horn intro, and the encore song is “Wonder’s of the World”. Without a doubt this is a 4 2/3 star concert experience and one of the best shows I have seen. It sure is hard to take pictures these days, though. Everybody takes pictures to send to friends and family.

Don’t leave too early. Java and some of the other  mummies come out to take alot of pictures with the ladies. Java, RAH, and The Pole! signed my media pass. Mummy Rah is an amazing tenor saxophone player. The Flu has a pretty darned good Alto sax thing going on. B.B. Queen is a great trumpet player. The Pole! plays bass guitar and autographs cleavage. Java is excellent at entertainment second vocalist and great percussion. Mummy Cass is a great vocalist and stellar guitar player. The Keyboard player is Mummy Spaz  and is quite excellent as well. Eddie Mummy is a big time funky drummer.


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