4 Pop Divas All Score 4 Plus Stars Miley Gaga Avril Katy

November 15, 2013

600x600-2600x600-3600x600-1600x600-4     This year has a stellar lineup for the holiday push. I am crunching down some major releases into one big article. These all deliver big time all across the board. Although not my favorite, Lady Gaga’s “Artpop” is considerably better than “Born This Way”.  Going for better content over just beat this time around 4 1/3 star listening is achieved here with much more diversity and depth this time around. I would say taking a few chances paid off as I knew she was capable of. The sound on a bluetooth speaker on an Apple laptop was really impressive. The title track is worth a listen to be sure. “Sexxx Dreams” with it’s dark and sensual side is quite provocative as well.

Miley Cyrus is as good as ever. Never count out the experience of the Actor/Pop singer here. I admit to liking Miley longest. My Mother  has been a fan since day one. That said the title has some humor. ‘Bangerz’ just makes you bigger. If nobody iPad/iphoned you then big star would not be in the mix.  Dad Billy Ray Cyrus was helpful making this more than just a singer in popularity. “FU” is a must hear highlight on a  4 1/2 star major release. “#Getitright” sets a trend and delivers strong as well. Kisskisskissmuchbig for Miley.

Avril Lavigne has matured recently and the self titled latest is no exception. “Hello Kitty” has a wow cute factor. This and Miley have my biggest vote. “Bitchin’ Summer” is a fine song also. It could be the slightly longer time doing this being a factor for the depth.  4 1/2 Star listening

Katy Perry’s latest ‘Prism’ is essential holiday rush listening. with it’s mellow, funky, sultry depth and quality you can’t go wrong here..  Solid all across the board. “Birthday” is my personal favorite here. “Double Rainbow” with the laid back sultry element shines also. 4 1/2 star quality is solid all around.


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