Gordon Lightfoot Superstar of Canada Inducted Into Acoustic Guitar Hall of Fall

December 21, 2013

Unknown-2        Merry Christmas to Gordon and his excellent family. I will say right off that the best of the best sing, write and play. Gordon is the shining example of this, and then some. My Dad was pretty good. My Mother not so much. I sing like her so I had to get a job. I love music in spite of this. Gordon’s album with a marvelous title track “Sundown” is still one of my favorite songs. ‘Endless Wire’ with the spectacular “Circle is Small” and awesome title track send me.

‘The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” is a great song. All that said Gordon in Canada is not a star. He is a supernova exploding. There is a very good reason for this. Gordon is a Hall of Fame Artist. I am proud to proclaim the latest inductee into the Acoustic Guitar Player’s Arts and Entertainment Playground Hall of Fame is the superlative Gordon Lightfoot.

There is no doubt in my mind Gordon Lightfoot is a must have in the Acoustic Guitar Hall of Fame. Thank you so much for the memories of  ”Sundown” on the A.M. radio in a Chevy Impala with the wind in my hair-a true story. “Beautiful” is exactly as the doctor ordered as one of the prettiest songs you would ever ever care to hear. Thank you Gordon for that and so much more than words can say.


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