Harry Chapin Inducted Into Acoustic Guitar Hall of Fame

March 22, 2014

Harry Chapin       I am inducting Harry Chapin into The Arts and Entertainment Playground’s Acoustic Guitar Hall of Fame. An amazing guitar player, storyteller songwriter and really great singer that left us way too soon. He was also humanitarian that fought tirelessly for hunger. Coming from Brooklyn, New York, he had some success, but like a lot of artists, should have been considerably bigger. In spite of that I was absolutely sure he belongs in or fabulous Acoustic Guitar Hall of Fame.

I congratulate Harry’s fine family with this honor and by my estimation, it is well deserving. My personal favorites are “Taxi” and “Sequel” and “I Wanna Sing You a Love Song” and many others. I will admit to being burned out on “Cat’s in a Cradle” but yes this is also a marvelous song. Don’t forget “WOLD” which considering it hit the top 40 it does not get the appreciation it should get. Whether you like Pop Rock or Folk give Harry a substantial listen. His brother Tom and daughter Jen are further listening to explore.

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