Here Come The Mummies Are Giving Away ALL Their Songs On Official Site

June 7, 2014

Those highly paid session musicians are going crazy. ALL of their songs are FREE on the official website It does not get easier or better than this. Summer party fun would only be better if free craft beer came out of your computer. If you can hook me up with that let me know. They are also a pretty good deal in concert as well.

A lot of bang for no buck is just silly insane. Come along for the ride. If you did not know about it, a lot of fun is to be had in the process. I have been into them for awhile for a really great reason. Great musicians, great music, and they are not only really great guys, but seeing them in person is a hands on fun experience. If being my guys means anything they are that also. Big time. Thanks for the party guys!!!! The icing on the cake is the new EP  A La Mode is also FREE. You guys ROCK. Oh Yeah.Unknown-1

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