Are You Kidding Me?

September 13, 2014

Elvis_now       Not hearing Elvis Only? Retiring from all of this. I like  to party as much as much as the next guy. I feel a loss here. I  am not a huge fan, but come on. I almost fell over when the program was not on. Sure there are other things to listen to. I really think we need a new Elvis Now Forever guy. Is is me? .  Elvis Now Forever. Oh yes Bring it so  on if you got something better.  A very small time music man did not see this coming at all.

Elvis Now and FOREVER is staying.  I got  the name and the yeasty beer. That being said, Elvis for an hour NEEDS to Stay in the Building one hour a day FOREVER.  Thousands of think tanks might do better. If Elvis Only is gone this leaves the door wide open. It would be a lot of work.  Building something out of nothing.

My editor fell asleep while I was doing this article. We all need a time out regardless of being dead or alive. Time waits for no one.  A legend such as this goes on forever. I cannot think of  more than a really short list you could  do a show about every week for an hour for years and years. Elvis Now Forever is on that short list. I hope this is not good night forever.