A Great Live Streaming Webcam-Old Faithful

December 12, 2014

imagesNational-Park-Service-logo    Nothing is more like being there than a live streaming webcam. The quality is amazing on this one. I caught Beehive erupting due to the camera finding what is going on. Beehive only erupts roughly twice a day. I’ve seen it once in person and that was because an employee pointed it out. Summer is the high volume season. Apparently the weather here is not good enough the rest of the year.

Most of May or September is the easier route to go. I will probably revisit in 2016. Until then this webcam is easily the closest thing to being there. The cost of lodging is quite spendy. This being said, the nights are cold and frosty most of the time. Get at least a rustic cabin with heat. Totally worth it. It’s in the 80ish a night ballpark, but if freezing does not appeal to you, it may be totally worth it. The mountains have quirky weather to live outside in.

In my younger years I walked miles through Yellowstone and Prairie State Park which is near Liberal, Missouri. Geyser Hill, has 40+ geysers, and The Upper Geyser Basin with 250+ is the largest concentration in the world. Norris Geyser Basin is also of interest, as well as Lake Yellowstone. About the only thing I slacked on was going into the Petrified Forest. There is the largest Petrified Forest in the world east of Tower Junction. I saw the lone one near Lost Lake trailhead. Great surprises here and predictions all the time when the Visitors center is open. Take a look here now.

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