Mike Stringer

‘J. Edgar’: Examining Clint Eastwood’s Next Movie

September 19, 2011

‘J. Edgar’ is the title of multi-award winning actor/director Clint Eastwood’s next movie. The film is lined up to open the AFI Festival this year on Novomber 3rd. It will then be released in the United States on November 9th and worldwide on Novovember 11th. The film is a biographical drama centering mainly on...
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Eddie Murphy Could Host Next Year’s Oscars

September 8, 2011
Eddie Murphy

It’s been recently reported from various sources in Tinsel Town that Oscar ceremony producers Don Mischer and Brett Ratner are considering award winning actor and comedian Eddie Murphy to host next year’s Oscar ceremony. Of course, it has not been made official. Although Murphy is the second highest grossing actor in America today, he...
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Martin Scorcese to Remake ‘The Gambler’

September 2, 2011
Martin Scorcese - Leanardo DiCaprio - The Gambler

Along with writer William Monahan, the multi award winning director Martin Scorcese is planning a remake of the 1974 movie The Gambler. The film starred James Caan as the lead character, Axel Freed, a New York City English professor with a pathological gambling addiction which slowly but surely escalates out of control. Although Freed...
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Opportunities Abound for Christian Bale

August 25, 2011
Christian Bale

Christian Bale made his film debut in the television movie Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna (1986), in which he played the role of Tsarevich Alexei. At that time the young aspiring actor would have had no idea his career would elevate to the levels it has, in Hollywood no less. Not only has he...
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Miramax Movie App Coming to Facebook

August 22, 2011

The American distribution and production company Miramax has just struck a deal with the biggest social networking website, Facebook. Miramax, which was bought by The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS), is known for its distribution of foreign and independent films. The deal reported by paidContent involves the biggest Facebook streaming movie venture seen to date,...
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Wicker Man Sequel Slated for 2012 Release

August 16, 2011
The Wicker Tree

Rights for the production of The Wicker Tree, a sequel to the classic horror film The Wicker Man (1973) have been granted to the American distributor Anchor Bay Films. The company is already aiming for a 2012 release date in the U.S. The film will co-star Graham McTavish. British actor Christopher Lee, who himself...
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Disney Reducing the Cost of ‘The Lone Ranger’

August 16, 2011
The Lone Ranger

News has just surfaced that the costs associated with Disney’s Lone Ranger project are spiralling out of control. Now producer Jerry Bruckheimer is scrambling to shrink those costs down. There have been misleading rumors circling around recently that Disney has completely pulled the plug on the project altogether, but this couldn’t be further from...
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Reese Witherspoon to Star in Disney’s ‘Wish List’

August 3, 2011
Reese Witherspoon

The choice of roles some Hollywood A-listers make never ceases to be a source of great bewilderment and mystery to me. Reese Witherspoon’s recent decision to star in Disney’s upcoming movie Wish List is no exception. Wish List will be a romantic comedy about a young girl who makes 10 wishes beside a wishing...
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Amy Winehouse Dead at Age 27

July 23, 2011
Amy Winehouse

Award winning British singer/songwriter Amy Winehouse was found dead today in her London apartment. She was only 27 years of age. Police are treating the cause of death as unexplained. Winehouse was known for her powerful contralto vocals as well as her eclectic blending of different music genres, which included R&B, Soul and Jazz....
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Ted Danson Will Move Into CSI Replacing Laurence Fishburne

July 14, 2011
Ted Danson

The Award winning film and television actor Ted Danson has agreed to appear in season 12 of the crime drama series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. The news follows recent revelations that actor Laurence Fishburne, who is the current lead character in the show and who replaced William Petersen in 2008, will not be returning...
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BBC Worldwide’s Profits on the Rise

July 13, 2011

An increase of 10% to £160 million in the year to the end of March, was detailed in a report by BBC Worldwide. John Smith, the chief executive, enjoyed a pre-tax salary of £898,000. The commercial arm of the broadcasting giant BBC, reported a record revenue of £1.16 billion, a year on year increase...
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Vin Diesel to Star and Produce in Untitled Action Movie

July 13, 2011
Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel is lined up for yet another high-octane role in an action thriller flick which has yet to be titled. The actor will not only play the leading role but also produce the movie through his own company, One Race Prods, in partnership with another newly formed production company, The Ink Factory. Two...
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Christopher Walken to Star in ‘Gods Behaving Badly’

July 9, 2011
Chris Walken

Shooting for the film adaptation of Gods Behaving Badly, will begin this month in New York City with an all star cast. Marc Turtletaub, who up until now has been producing and financing film projects, will be directing for the first time. Turtletaub was the producer behind Little Miss Sunshine (2006), directed by Jonathan...
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