Panic! at the Disco Releases ‘Vices And Virtues’: A Review

March 21, 2011

Panic! at the Disco’s newest release¬†’Vices & Virtues’, to be released March 22nd, shows no ill effects from the band being reduced to a duo. Formed in Las Vegas, Nevada, Panic! at the Disco has evolved quite a bit, with a more old school influence showing on these songs. “Trade Mistakes” starts things off with a snappy sounding song featuring lovely viola bookends. “Sarah Smiles” is great if you like chick name songs, and this one is a dandy, with a sunny feel to it. “Ready To Go” has a sunny Alternative feel to it found on much of this recording. Nice! It does seem as if they are raring to go on this song.

“Nearly Witches” is a busy sounding song with a lot going on here, especially if listened to on headphones. An Alternative pop sensibility is heavily present here. “Memories” shows the duo growing up with the old school influences in the forefront, and it’s one of the stronger songs. “Let’s Kill Tonight” is another busy song, but not as good as “Nearly Witches”. There is kind of a creepy sound to this one.¬†

The first single getting much air play on BBC1 is “The Ballad of Mona Lisa”. It is a very catchy example of the songs on “Virtues And Vices”, and an excellent choice for a single. “The Calender” is a tune about summer coming to a close, with a catchy distorted bell melody. “Always” is a quirky little song about maturity and lyrically emulates innocence lost. “Hurricane” has a heavy handed beat with a snappy sound and sing-a-long vocals. Drummer Spencer Smith has a large part in what drives this one. A strong four star perfomance from Panic! at the Disco on their third release.

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