Green Day Releases ‘Awesome As F#%!’: A Review

March 23, 2011

Green Day - Awesome As F#%!Punk Rockers Green Day chose to comprise ‘Awesome As F#%!’ of performances from all over the world instead of just one or a few concerts. From East Bay, California, they have established themselves as a major presence on the music scene. Starting things off is “21st Century Breakdown” (London, England), and it shows the band getting the crowd involved as on the entire release. The band and the crowds are very energetic throughout, and this lead-off song is no exception.

“Know Your Enemy” (Manchester, England) is a wonderful version of this song and jolly good, I must say. “East Jesus Nowhere” (Glasgow, Scotland) finds more crowd participation, and oh woah chanting from the audience. “Holiday” (Dublin, Ireland) shows the band sounding great live and the vocals are an excellent example of how good they are outside the studio. “!Viva la Gloria!” (Dallas, Texas) starts out with piano and vocals showing a lighter side, only to kick it in with an energy Green Day is famous for. “Cigarettes and Valentines” (Phoenix, Arizona) is a gritty performance that moves along quite quickly. The energy is high on this one. 

The vintage “Burnout” (Irvine, California) from 1994 is fast an furious. Let’s go crazy is found shouted out here and throughout the recording. The first of three home state performances.”Going To Pasalaqua” (Chula Vista, California) has more sparks shooting from it, Green Day style. JAR (Detroit, Michigan) has the energy of Green Day in full blast. “Holden Caulfield” (New York, New York) has an energetic edge which makes so many of the songs here as awesome as the title suggests. There really are no songs here that do not work.

“Geek Stink Breath” (Saitama-Shi, Japan) features the classic lyrics “Wish in one hand $h%# in the other and see which one gets filled first,” one of my favorite songs of the album here. “When I Come Around” (Berlin, Germany) is a more mid-tempo song with some mighty fine guitar on it. “She” (Brisbane, Austrailia) has more excellent guitars driving this one quite well.”21 Guns” (Mountain View, California), the third California performance, is a must do and a worthy recent Green Day song done very nicely indeed.

“American Idiot” (Montreal, Quebec) just simply wouldn’t do at all performed in the USA, and this one stands out considerably. Quite extensive crowd participation is found here with more great guitars. “Good Riddance” and “Wake Me Up In September”(Nickelsdorf, Austria) shows a lighter side, but no less fan appreciation and participation. The final two songs are the only ones on here in the same location. This is a four 1/2 performance from Green Day. Green Day is: Billie Joe Armstrong (guitar and vocals), Mike Dirnt (bass and background vocals), and Tre Cool (drums).

Also included is the 16 song DVD. The song departure has “Static Age”, “Bvld. Of Broken Dreams”, “American Eulogy” and “Jesus Of Surburbia” and “Welcome To Paradise” not found on the CD. This collection is an excellent value with all of the included content.

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