TV On The Radio’s ‘Nine Types of Light’ Releases April 12th: A Review

April 10, 2011

TV on the Radio - Nine Types of LightAs a fan of  the band TV On The Radio for a few years, I find their new release ‘Nine Types of Light’ intriguing. There is nothing bad here. I would say right out of the box good to go. Four and a half stars all the way. “Caffeinated Consciousness ” has a stabbing keyboard and hot drum machine, TV Radio style, and a pop kick. They are for real here. “No Future Shock” has an an amazing sound people. This is TV at what we have come to realize. Fun Alternative is in the building. “Killer Crane”  has a lush arrangement. Although too long for a single, this one really stands out. “Repetition” is a song about overindulgence. Too much done very well by TV. “Keep Your Heart” is another great example of TV doing what they do.’

‘Nine Types of Light’ delivers a Pop Alternative, feel good sound that will go around in circles in your head. “Will Do” is the single and a good example of TV On The Radio’s unique style. Interesting keyboards wheeze in the background. The best song in my eyes is the fabulous “Cannonball Blues” which hilights TV’s drum machine cannonball blowing to the max in fine form here. “Second Song” with the guitar keyboard thing going on has an interesting falsetto, and some teeth. “Forgotten” is a percussive song that fills out on the second half with a lushness we find on the entire recording. 

“You” features guitars and drum machines — business as usual, but so good. “Forgotten” sounds like World Party doing The Rolling Stones, yet pulling it off.  As a pre-release (Available now on Rhapsody) it is so good, but I am curious about the bonus tracks. We shall see on that one. Vocalist Tunde Adebimpe, multi-instrumentalist Kyp Malone, along with Dave Andrew Sitek, Gerald Smith and Jaleel Bunton doing multiple things, make this group shine.

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