Moby – ‘Destroyed’: A Review

May 19, 2011


Moby - DestroyedElectronic group Moby’s new release¬†Destroyed has a synthesizer sound that is smooth and shimmering. This is quite a departure from Pop music’s obsession with harsh synthesizers that get noisy after awhile. If an electronic sound that swirls and flows appeals to you, the latest from Moby aims to please. “The Broken Places” has ambient synthesizers and a pretty nice beat. “Be The One” with vocoder (human voice keyboards) are front and center here. The swirling keyboards flow nicely on this track, as they do throughout.

“Sevasstopol” is a delightful instrumental with more pleasant synthesizers, and the beat is also really good. “The Low Hum” features human vocals and a low key beat. Harsh and heavy is not part of Moby’s sound. The radio does not find them worthy of airplay, but I think this is quite an exceptional recording. “Rockets” is an easy going song with female vocals, intriguing synthesizers and a great beat.”The Day” has some really nice male lead vocals and the synthesizers are awesome.

“The Right Thing”, with gorgeous, shimmering guitars, a human female vocalist, and a lazy beat, sounds stunning and is my favorite cut on this release. “After” has a pleasing beat, more really good synthesizer sounds and human vocals.”Victoria Lucas” is slow to start with the beat, but is strong on synthesizers. The vocals are mostly ambient on this song and after a few minutes the beat kick in. “Blue Moon”, with it’s laser keyboards, vocoders, human voices, and a nice beat, is a strong track. “Lie Down in the Darkness” features soulful female vocals, piano, synthesizers light guitar, and a beat that works well. “Stella Maris” is another shimmering synthesizer song with no beat, but nice aura vocals. “The Violent Bear it Away” is a dreamy instrumental with piano washed in synthesizers, and a small beat later on.”Lacrimae” is a sprawling, epic instrumental that is absolutely marvelous in all aspects and another of the best here. “When You Are Old” is simply a good synthesizer instrumental.

Moby is the stage name for Richard Melville Hall, the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. I think it’s deserving of four and a half stars.

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