Lady Gaga – ‘Born This Way’: A Review

May 22, 2011

Lady GaGa - Born This WayLady GaGa’s new release Born This Way is set to release on Monday, May 23rd. 2011. There is no arguing she is a mega superstar. It will sell millions. “Born This Way” is an okay single, better remixed. “Judas” is a better song although some argue the subject has been done better by other megastars. This is also really good remixed. “U &  I” is a very intriguing song. I think it’s the best song on Born This Way. An excellent example of her capabilities. It features Brian May on lead guitar. “Electric Chapel” has a funky beat with pretty good electric guitars. “Heavy Mental Lover” has a killer beat and is another really good song. Getting on the groove is in high gear on this tune. “Government Hooker” has the beat and really makes you move. I don’t get the song title.

Now for the bad news. Not alot of intrigue with a full half of this release. Harsh synthesizers and a boom boom dance beat that is not cutting edge, pushing the envelope, or anything different or fresh. Passing Oprah for super celebrity status is apparently enough for some people. “SchiBe” is simply strange and please don’t make this a single. “Hair” is not good or bad — and there lies the problem. “Marry the Night” I think similar thoughts about. 

“Americano” is also just okay and not a heck of a lot more than that. “Bad Kids” is another example of the beat bailing the song out, but could be a single and I would be okay with that. “Bloody Mary” is good as the beat bails this one out big time. “The Edge of Glory” is not bad, but not very good or memorable. “Highway Unicorn” might just as well be road kill. It sounds kind of noisy to me, like an eighteen wheeler charging toward a possum. Three Stars from the pinnacle, falls short in my book.

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