Death Cab For Cutie Releases ‘Codes and Keys’: A Review

June 2, 2011

Death Cab For Cutie - Codes and KeysCodes and Keys shows the depth and range of styles veteran Alternative artists Death Cab For Cutie are capable of. “Home is a Fire” has some nice ambient synth sounds, a really good lighter beat, and an easy feel good sound to it. The title track has a piano and lilting synth combination and a steady beat with some alternative guitars adding to it. “Some Boys” has a musical depth that comes from a major, experienced player of the Alternative scene. There is quite a lot of sound here, but without getting crowded. Interesting beat on this song.

“Doors Unlocked and Open” is a drum and guitar orientated song that has yet a different sound. “You Are a Tourist” has a catchy sound and is an excellent choice for the first single. This song will stick in your head. Lyrically, it’s about drifting and not fitting in. Perhaps the most unusual song on this release, “Unobstructed Views” goes nowhere the entire song. It has an ambient sound that is slow and easy. This is a completely different sound for Death Cab For Cutie.

“Monday Morning” features an awesome Alternative sound, an incredible depth, and a good beat with nice fuzzy guitars. This is my favorite cut. The piano driven “Portable Television” has great percussion with an old school subject, as does “Monday Morning”. “Underneath the Sycamore” is another song with a nice beat and excellent Alternative guitars. “St. Peter’s Cathedral” is a unique sounding song with a beat that has immense intrigue. A great “get into your head all day” song. Last, but not at all least, is the short and sweet, acoustic driven “Stay Young, Go Dancing”, featuring a shuffling beat that I like a lot.

Death Cab For Cutie has indeed delivered a four plus star recording, but not quite five. Death Cab For Cutie is: Ben Gibbard (vocals, guitar), Nick Harmer (bass guitar), Chris Walla (guitar), Jason McGerr (drums).

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