Song Ideas That Should Be Written

September 2, 2011

Song IdeasHere are some song ideas I feel should be written. “Wardrobe Failure”.  I  am very confident this is self explanatory. I mean let’s get real here. “Your Love Affair is a Train Wreck”. I don’t think this needs too much explaining. “You and Her Are Him and Hurricane”. No chaos or bad feelings are intended here in the presence of Hurricane Irene.

How about “I Can’t Even Stand You Sitting Down” or maybe give “Why Don’t You Replace the F$@@##& Toilet Paper Roll Once in Awhile” a whirl, and then maybe “Hey Back Side of the Horses A$%”. This will make sense sooner or later. ” Ugly Women Are a Good Deal But Who Cares” is a really nice idea for a song. “I Can’t Get Drunk Enough to Look at You” says quite alot as it stands. “I Want to S(*&^ a B*&^% That is a Pop Singer” is a wishful thinking classic.

“My Pet Name For You is Leftovers” is not nice but says it all. “On My Day Off You Are Still Ugly” might be a hit someday. “I Got a Nice Truck And You Can Get F^%$#@!’ might work on a weekend. “I Call You Hangover For a Good Reason”  is really a no brainer. “Commercials and You” is no anniversary celebration. How about “How Come the Party is Always in Someone Else’s Pants”.  Hey big Popstars please sing “When You Talk My Insomnia Gets Better” Maybe Progressive Rock or Punk Rock would be more open to these song titles.

“You Are More Dumb Than I Drink You Are” is one way to go. How about “I F^%$#@ Someone Else Thinking of You”. Nice try.  I got this one big time. “The Ref is Blind, He Should Date You”.  ”I Called But My Broke is Phoned” or how about “My Call Dropped a Phone and There Was No Answer”. These should get the creative wheels turning. How about “Intercourse Engaged  Me in Non Compliance”. My place of birth “Minnesnowta”. I moved to my Mothers place of birth, “Honolulu, Kansas”

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