Dia Frampton – Red: A Review

January 12, 2012

Dia Frampton - RedIf January is weighing heavy on you, perhaps you should lighten the load with Dia Frampton. I had her new release ‘Red’ on the back burner, but when I heard  it, I wanted to analyze this further.  Move this up on the playlist in a hurry if you know what is good for you. She looks pretty darned cute standing on her head I must say. The song featuring Kid Kudi “Don’t Kick the Chair” is catchy Pop, but this release has a nice range of variety from start to finish.

“Good Boy” makes the point of behaving well being boring, and sometimes it does feel that way. “Billy the Kid” is a good Dance Pop. This is a wonderful diversion from the rest. “The Broken Ones” is an absolutely marvelous song for a multiple heartache life. Dia, you hit the nail on the head on this one. My favorite on here for sure. “Bullseye” is a very nice Acoustic Pop song, and adds to the musical diversity on this release.

“Trapeze” is also Acoustic Pop and an example of how there is not a weak link on this. “Walk Away” has a whistling intro and a pretty good beat — quite a catchy song we have here. “I Will” featuring Blake Sheldon is another fine example of the musical diversity we have here. Blake is more Pop on this than Country. “Isabella” is an upbeat Acoustic Pop song, and a snappy sounding song. “Daniel” is totally acoustic and an interesting song — nothing like the rest. A strong release with a 4 and a half star rating.

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