Lacuna Coil – ‘Dark Adrenaline’: A Review

January 21, 2012

Lacuna Coil - Dark AdrenalineThe beginning of the year is always an excellent time to explore edgy obscure music. I really don’t know why Lacuna Coil is not more well known. The lady and guy with a hard rocking sound is quite compelling in general. Their latest is no exception. “Trip the Darkness” has a creepy feel to it. It also really rocks. “Against You” has a death march intro and an interesting range of sounds — quite a unique sound.”Kill the Light” features grinding guitars and is one of the heavier songs on this release.

“Give Me Something More” demands a different dimension out of the future, and it’s up in the air as to the possibility of it happening. “Upsidedown” is a man and woman at odds sort of song, and it makes a lot of sense. “End of Time” features a progressive sound I find compelling.”I Don’t Believe in Tomorrow” is ominous sounding, with some great guitars. “Intoxicated” has an intriguing progressive sound and is one of the best tracks on here. “The Army Inside” is a battle song, and life being a battle from cradle to grave. We all have been there.

“Losing My Religion” is indeed a cover of  the popular REM song. I like the progressive take on this.”Fire” wastes no time in blowing the speakers out. An excellent song for short attention spans.”My Spirit” takes more time, but it’s worth the effort. A mid-tempo song that is more stretched out than the other songs. It’s also one of the best. A nice end to a four and a quarter star release. Lacuna Coil’s Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro hail from Milan, Italy.

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