NASCAR’s Daytona 500 Rained Out

February 26, 2012

NASCAR - Daytona 500 - postponed - rain

By Kenneth E. Oquist

In a totally unprecedented incident, NASCAR’s Daytona 500 has been postponed and rescheduled to take place tomorrow at 12:00 pm ET. If you were partying to the event and have to work Monday, you are out of luck. I work nights and if it takes place tomorrow, I can always sleep to it.

NASCAR's Daytona 500 - rain delay

NASCAR Drivers Danica Patrick and Tony Stewart Wait in the Rain

There really is not a lot of fun involved in rain racing coverage, and even less in it being postponed. Tires without tread and rain do not mix. Apparently Danica Patrick’s husband’s motivational speech that gives her a kick start does not keep the skies from opening up.¬†Only so much can be humanly possible. Too bad so many humans do not realize this. Hopefully the predictions of more rain tomorrow will be totally wrong.

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