Saint Etienne – ‘Words and Music’ (Deluxe Edition): A Review

June 18, 2012

Saint Etienne

By Kenneth E. Oquist
Saint Etienne - Words and Music
It has been seven years since Saint Etienne’s last release. ‘Words and Music’ is absolutely without a doubt worth the wait. If Sarah Cracknell and the guys have slipped by you, this is a fine time to get acquainted. I first heard Sarah solo on her ‘Lipslide’ release. As good as her indie hit “Anymore” was, this is sublime. It is also a pretty darn good deal on Amazon at $9.99 for nearly two hours of music. “Over the Border”  is a pretty song with spoken lyrics alternating with sing from Sarah. This comes out sounding quite sensual. “I’ve Got Your Music” had a more indie-dance sound. Since its not an overplayed sound, at least not in America, this one will stay fresh here. “Heading For the Fair” had a piano music box sound early and keeps with the piano easing into a smooth mellow dance sound with ambient synthesizers.

“Last Days of Disco” is catchy indie dance music right from the start and we got a party going on here. One of the best tracks on here.”Tonight” is also a very excellent indie dance sounding song, and also very catchy. “Answer Song” is more mid-tempo and a fine example of the variety on this. “Record Doctor” is a shorty that finds Sarah singing a simple song with an old school subject. “Popular” has the indie dance beat going on quite nicely. Another strong song, and what a nice beat. “Twenty Five Years” features a snappy beat for an acoustic song. This is a gorgeous example of the diversity on this release. “DJ” is indie dance party yes again and done wonderfully yet again. “When I Was Seventeen” showcases the band’s synthesizer sound. This is so much better than many of the latest hits and another home run out of the ball park here. “I Threw it All Away” slows it down, bringing with it a nice change of pace. “Haunted Jukebox” finishes the album out quite strong. What a joy for anyone familiar with the trio. It would be a nice introduction also. This is Four and three quarter star listening and one of the best releases of the 2012.

Deluxe Edition songs include:

“Tonight-Two Bears Remix” — a long freaky song. If you like boom-boomity-boom remixes, this song is for you. “Last Days of Disco (Erol Alkin Remix)” this is a groovy remix and I like this better than the first one. “DJ-Stay + Remix” is shorter but doesn’t mess around — slow then full tilt. Very nice. “I’ve Got Your Music-Golden Filter Remix” is funky up the wazoo — quite an impressive remix. “Popular-Tom Middleton Cosmos Remix” has got some pretty fancy sounds on it. Great song for headphone listening and also quite funky. “Heading For the Fair (The Time and Space Waltzer Remix)” is mega funky. This song really screams party.

I think “Tonight (Club Clique Remix)” is better than the first remix of this song. Indie dance is in the building here for sure. “Answer Song (White Horses Remix)” All I can say is these White Horses are terminally funky. “Haunted Jukebox (Summer Camp Remix)” — great song and this is a stellar remix. “I’ve Got Your Music (Kisses Remix)” — they really do have my music here. I love this version! “DJ (Muddyloop Remix)” — another great song remixed quite well. The beat kicks keister.”Last Days of Disco (Beat Connection Remix)” is another quality remix of a stellar release. Other than the first remix of “Tonight” this is mostly killer.

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