Kenny Chesney — ‘Welcome to the Fishbowl’: A Review

July 16, 2012

Kenny Chesney - Welcome to the FishbowlThe song ”Like a Rock Star”, a duet with Tim McGraw off of Kenny Chesney’s newest release Welcome to the Fishbowl, stands out as an instant big hit. The title track paints the picture of how you can be shown in a bad way quickly in the modern world. Fortunately, there is much more variety on here than this. “Come Over” is a more laid back song about missing someone and being unable to focus on anything else. “Sing ‘Em Good My Friend” takes awhile to get going, but evolves into a nice mid-tempo song in the second half.

The track “I’m a Small Town” continues with a laid back beginning and a mid-tempto acoustic-electric combination for most of the duration of the song. It’s one of the best on here. “El Cerrito Place” is another mid-tempo song, featuring Grace Potter on vocals. This sets the tone for the lion’s share of the songs. “Makes Me Wonder” features more electric guitar than most of the songs but doesn’t go overboard. “While He Still Knows Who I Am” features a mellow piano intro that builds into an acoustic-electric guitar sound, which fizzles out at the end. This is another really good song.”Time Flies”  has a more of a down home acoustic sound with electric thrown in mainly for emphasis. Another excellent song.

“To Get to You-55th and 3rd” begins with a mellow piano introduction and has a nice, mellow, long, stretched-out sound. Another one of the best songs here. “Always Gonna Be You” is another highlight on this release with a mellow electric guitar sound. “You and Tequila” with Grace Potter live at Red Rocks finishes this out with a nice laid -back duet that teams alcohol and romance up together. Four and a third star listening shows how consistent Kenny Chesney delivers on a regular basis.

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