What to Hear on the Real Saint Patricks Day

March 15, 2015

Unknown-3     Still on the top after all these years is still The Pogues. What to play you say. All of them. Shane MacGowan is the ultimate drunken sailor. He really is St. Patty’s Day. I am a percent or two Irish. I take the day off from work and my work anniversary also on the 18th.  Live with it. I also would like to mention some obscure and not so obscure choices. U2 is the biggest Irish band ever. Great band but not today.

Black Irish Texas is a great obscure choice. The Tosspints are a hidden gem from Saginaw, Michigan.  The Mahones from Canada are a band to be reckoned with any time of the year, but more so now. Blood or Whiskey is a dark horse that should be included also. It would be a tragedy to not mention Shane MacGowan and the Popes and just plain solo Shane as well. If you can hear The Pogues Box Set anywhere do it. I have had it for awhile and consider it to be a must have.

Well known veterans of the field are The Dropkick Murphys from Boston and Flogging Molly one of the best  from believe it or not, Los Angeles. A long time favorite from Canada The Irish Rovers are a great folk based band. Don’t forget “Wasn’t That a Party” always a riot when having a few or more all year long. Happy Real Saint Patricks Day Everybody!!!!! ”