Bachman’s ‘Heavy Blues’: Grammy Possibility

April 17, 2015

Bachman - Heavy BluesFirst the good news — a solid recording by a totally unappreciated guitar player, who is not on Rolling Stone’s top list. The last song is a blues ballad called “We Need to Talk”, boring at times, does not fit in and fizzles out the album, being the bad news. That said, this album is Grammy contender nonetheless. ¬†Producer Kevin Shirley challenged Randy at times, saying “You can do better.” The results are this — he can and did. The dream matchup of Randy Bachman and Neil Young says old guys from Canada rock big time in 2015! Their pairing on the track “Little Girl Lost” is a winner. Enough said.

More listening leads to more mind blowing Blues Rock zazzow!!! All Randy Bachman originals, which were recorded in a short timeframe due to producer availability, still leads to amazing results. A quick listen tells a lot here. More listening is at times overwhelming. Not a light listen here. More listening says kaboom!!! What Bachman did in the past is not important. The here and now says it all. This is simply an inspired, creative, raw let it all out, double zazzow! The track “Ton of Bricks” booms here, there and everywhere. “The Edge” is a power crunch song, which is common on this release. “Bad Child” finds the over 70 year-old Bachman being naughty, and what a surprise — still Rockin’!

“Learn to Fly” just simply Rocks!!! Randy sounds youthful throughout this release and never disappoints vocally here. “Wild Texas Ride” ¬†is more of the same, as is “Please Come To Paris”, due to too much on your plate to eat it all. The title track with Peter Frampton is great Rock/Blues at its finest. More double zazzow!!! This does indeed say it all in a nutshell. A black walnut one in my case, living in Kansas. “Wild Texas Ride” is a Rockin’ ride anyway I see it. “Confessin’ to the Devil”, featuring the late Jeff Healy, will have the masses weeping in the alleys, and it’s Rockin’ big time in the process. Dale Anne Brendan on drums is awesome!!! This is an inspired performance, and I mean this sincerely. Anna Ruddick on bass I am not forgetting, awesome as well! This is 4 and 1/2 stars + listening. Love you long time Randy!!!!

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