Austen Brooks

Cannes 2012: The Films We Can’t Wait To See

June 12, 2012
Cannes Film Festival 2012

By Austen Brooks This year’s festival wrapped up on May 27. Here are a few entries to look for in the coming months. AMOUR (Love): Winner of the coveted Palme d’Or, Michael Hanake’s drama about an elderly couple whose love is tested has gotten buzz for its impeccable direction and soulful performances. Look for...
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HBO’s Girls: 24 Is the New 13

May 18, 2012
Girls - HBO

By Austen Brooks Let’s talk about sex: in five episodes, we’ve seen three of our four Girls in the act and one get close. Writer/director/star Lena Dunham’s scenes are the most explicit, to the point of discomfort; but then again, so is the rest of the show. Is it Dunham’s goal to suggest that...
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21 Jump Street: Not New, But Very Fresh

May 17, 2012
21 Jump Street (2012) - movie - review

By Austen Brooks Nothing about 21 Jump Street is new: it’s a gross-out buddy comedy based on a television series about two cops who go undercover at a high school where they get the chance to relive and redeem their teens. But, somehow, 21 is fresh – probably because it knows exactly what it is...
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